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Approved Site Winners - 2003

Missouri Memories Nature Photography
Beautiful photographs of Missouri flowers, trees, landscapes and rare weather occurrence - an ice storm! Available as prints, photo note cards, or already dry-mounted and matted prints with your choice of single or double mat and your choice of colors. Approved Site - January 2003 to Marti Lawrence.
A very nice and comprehensive German site about rats. Approved Site - January 2003 to Soni Schwarz.

Welcome to the Great Yarmouth Radio Club
Promoting amateur and CB radio and providing information for the hobbies. We also provide a country listing of commercial radio stations broadcasting online from the UK, Canada, USA, Australia & New Zealand. Approved Site - January 2003 to Nigel Brown.

J.J. Cardinal's - A Unique Store For People Who Love Nature
Info-rich resource and retail venue for those interested in wild birds, nature, and wildlife photography. Approved Site - January 2003 to Michael Dawson.

An alien point of view about planet Earth. Approved Site - January 2003 to Parsec.

Online portfolio - web design, printed and electronical presentations. Approved Site - January 2003 to Aniko Hencz.

A professional site that offers visitors free information on the ethnobotany, animals, and scenic sites of Arizona, and galleries of photographs and computer-generated images. Approved Site - February 2003 to Pat Goltz.

The Magic Words
Features the extraordinary literary witchcraft of Maryland author Nicole S. Porter. Colorful poetry, exciting short stories, and thoughtful prose pieces await. Approved Site - February 2003 to Nicole S. Porter.

European Boxer Zone
Leading resource of Euro-Boxer related information, EBZ offers original educational content and the largest on-line database/gallery of 1960-2003 Champions. Approved Site - February 2003 to Alexandra Gav.

DeafBlind Info: Minnesota's Deafblindness Resource showcases a vast collection of information and resources about combined vision and hearing loss, in Minnesota and around the world. Approved Site - February 2003 to Marisa Bennett.

Sirhowy Valley News Page
A website dedicated to the people, places and history of the Sirhowy Valley, South Wales. Approved Site - March 2003 to Ken Jenkins. - A travel portal to islands in Thailand
Travel guide to Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao. Islands in the South-East of Thailand. Approved Site - March 2003 to Jens Weegar.

Hartford, Connecticut: Landmarks | History | Neighborhoods
Photographic survey of places, architecture and people of Hartford, with historical overviews and descriptive information. Approved Site - March 2003 to Karen O'Maxfield.

Museum of Science and Technology
The MOST offers fun science and technology community education in the form of Hands on exhibits, special events, school programs, workshops, and demonstrations. Approved Site - March 2003 to Kevin Lucas.

Steve's Web Site
Personal site containing travel information and photos about Africa and Australia. Approved Site - March 2003 to Steven Lonker.

Civitella Messer Raimondo - Com'eravamo
A photographic history of Civitella Messer Raimondo from 1900 to 1950's. Approved Site - March 2003 to Pietrino Di Sebastiano.

Teaching and Learning Resources
The purpose of this site is to provide stimulating, interactive learning resources to support the National Curriculum for England and Wales for children in Key Stage 2 (ages 7 to 11) of Primary School. Whether you are a teacher, a pupil or even a parent looking for ways to support your child's learning at home, from the UK or overseas, I am sure you will find something of interest here. Approved Site - March 2003 to Diane Hawkins.

Melton Ross & New Barnetby
The villages of Melton Ross and New Barnetby in the United Kingdom. Photographic vilage tour, local history, local links, local businesses. A section about the site author, and a free graphical text and web page background design service. Approved Site - April 2003 to Roger Hatcliffe.

The Floral Photography of Alice Major
The purpose of my art is to express the passion I feel for flowers and to share with you the joy they bring to me. My web site is the vehicle for this sharing. Approved Site - April 2003 to Alice Major.

Spring Creek Youth Services Center
The purpose of "Spring Creek Web" is to provide at-risk students with computer and social skills needed to help them integrate back into society. It will also provide the tools necessary for students to become economically self-sufficient. This will be accomplished by having students develop a website that will give adolescents on the "outside" a look at what life is like in detention. Approved Site - April 2003 to Nathan Quintana.

Indian MEDLARS Centre
Site providing access to peer reviewed Indian biomedical literature. Approved Site - April 2003 to Naina Pandita.

My pet UK
My Pet UK gives you all the information you should read BEFORE getting a pet - be prepared for what you are about to take on! Covers breeds, care, food, housing, health and cost. Approved Site - May 2003 to Charlotte Owen.

WestCoast LEAF
West Coast LEAF, in partnership with LEAF National, works to make Canada an equal place for all women. West Coast LEAF carries out its work by conducting equality rights litigation, primarily using the Charter of Rights and Freedom by advocating for law reform, and by carrying out related public legal education. Approved Site - May 2003 to Laurie Tsakiris.

Gudrun Hopf, Sozialhistorikerin
Personal page of an Austrian social historian, presenting herself and her work. Approved Site - June 2003 to Gudrun Hopf.

ECOPIBES.COM - Para pequeños ambientalistas y educadores
EcoPibes is an environmental education website for kids and teachers. Here you will learn about our planet, it’s processes and, of course, it’s problems. You will understand what is going on: climate change, waste, pollution, ozone depletion, biodiversity lost, etc. But you will also find many ways to help build solutions. We think children have a major role to play in the construction of a better world, so we expect to be here for you if you need us. In Spanish. Approved Site - June 2003 to Cecilia Iglesias.

Light, so simple and yet illusive
Light as a natural substance. What humanity used to believe about light from ancient times since nowadays. The site includes: The History of Light, The Encyclopaedia of Light (Basic and advanced knowledge about light. Laws, concepts and phenomena), The Laboratory of Light (Virtual interactive experiments about the nature of light - Java applets), A game and a test. The page is part of the author's Ph.D. dissertation. Approved Site - June 2003 to Ioannis Konstandakopoulos.

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