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Approved Site Winners - 2001

Pedal Prayers
Testimony and travels of a former Orthodox Jew who found his Messiah and has cycled nearly one hundred thousand miles around the United States sharing a unique Christian message. "Approved Site - January 2001 to Rev. Johannes Myors".

The City Review
Zine devoted to the arts and urban affairs with focus on museums, major art auctions, architecture, books, photography and computer art in NYC. "Approved Site - January 2001 to Carter B. Horsley".

Bipolar Brain
An inspirational, creative, educational, & supportive page regarding Bipolar Affective Disorder. A Person who suffers from Bipolar Disorder maintains the site. Creative writings expressing how it feels to live with a mental illness are included as well. "Approved Site - January 2001 to Juliet Wilkerson".

Home Page di Mirko Viviani
Mirko si occupa di tartarughe, musica sacra e liturgia, programmazione. Offre servizi gratis come sms, meteo, programmi tv. Ascolto e visione di spartiti musicali di sue composizioni.
A nice Italian personal page dealing with turtles, sacred music and religion. English version coming soon. "Approved Site - January 2001 to Mirko Viviani".

Birds of Central Siberia
All about the birds of Central Siberia and more. "Approved Site - February 2001 to Andrey N. Baykalov".

House of Chinchillas
A site about chinchillas with many tips and tricks, photogallery, memorial, award-program and many more things. "Approved Site - February 2001 to Dunja Valdez".

Authentic Mouth Watering Indian Recipes
First and only site to have Indian recipes in Hindi and English. Traditional Indian food, exotic recipes, Cooking Tips, Glossary and more. Everything you always wanted to cook but thought was difficult. The ultimate delights of Indian cooking. "Approved Site - February 2001 to Mousmi".

Ray Bethell - Multiple Kite World Champion
From Vancouver, Canada, Ray Bethell is the worlds' undisputed king of the multiple-kite arena. Ray has flown his amazing three-kite aerial displays for millions of people all over the world. A true embassador to the sport of kiting, Ray warms peoples hearts everywhere he flys. The website has information about Ray's impresive world records and competition standings, his often humorous stories of his world adventures, reviews of Ray's kites, desktop wallpaper, information for starting out in sport kiting, as well as lot's of information about the sport kite community. "Approved Site - March 2001 to Dan Millsip".

Miss Sixty
An interactive story in the style of the 60ies era. A very original site, german language, flash4. "Approved Site - March 2001 to Tanja Jakob-Sula".

They are a regiment in the Sealed Knot the English civil war battle re-enactment society, battling for charity. "Approved Site - April 2001 to Chris Lowe".

Welsh Terrier Xmas
Welsh Terrier Xmas deals with various aspects of the breed itself. Furthermore Xmas guides you through the other topics of the website: Japanese poetry, impressions of Mallorca Island, highlights of the Cuina Mallorquina, digital photoart and a gallery of watercolor paintings of the webmaster as well as an international award program. You find a translation button on the starting page. "Approved Site - April 2001 to Ulrich Pokorra".

NC's Outer Banks: A National Historical Treasure
This site displays the historical landmarks of North Carolina's Outer Banks through detailed original photography and rich text. "Approved Site - May 2001 to Janice Magro".

Home PC Firewall Guide
Web resource guide to using personal firewalls for protection from hackers and script kiddies while connected to the Internet. Very useful! "Approved Site - May 2001 to Henry Stephen Markus".

Hypermedial Technology
Società napoletana che si occupa di ricerca, valorizzazione e tutela dei beni culturali. The site of a Neapolitaner company specializing in cultural media production. They made a very good site on Pompei too. "Approved Site - May 2001 to Girolamo De Simone".

A fantastic voyage to the green man... the mystical nature god yllmar'yon, the journey to the fantasyworld magira. Join, dream and relax. "Approved Site - May 2001 to Marcus O. Mielke".

AfterHours Australian Shepherds
AfterHours is an educational site, containing many articles written by the experts and a wealth of original material. Features include: Aussie Rescue, "Ask Eli", "Special Needs" Aussies, photographs and humor. "Approved Site - May 2001 to Debbie Frey".
A site offering Denny's own art, articles about productive management, which are well written and quite interesting, a page about Henri Rousseau, the city of Tübingen, Music, and different other topics. "Approved Site - May 2001 to Denny Kondic".

Canku Ota (Many Paths)
"Canku Ota" (Many Paths) is an e-zine for and about Native America, the native people of North America, Native Americans, Alaskan Natives, and First Nations People. It is a celebration of the traditions and cultures of these wonderfully diverse people. Each biweekly issue contains news articles, about events and issues, contributed by some premier writers and artists. We also share stories, recipes, nature articles, opportunities, school news, projects, and anything else of interest to our readers, young and old. We focus on positive, yet factual information. Our extensive resource pages offer links to some of the best, legitimate Native Web sites as well as many other Web sites of interest to students, educators and the general public. "Approved Site - June 2001 to Paul C. Barry".

U.P! webanimations
U.P! [joepie]-produkties is a dutch studio, specialized in making character animations & illustrations. The site shows the best of their work which is very original! "Approved Site - June 2001 to Dennis van de Sande".

The personal site offers some interesting original material about cult movies, books and pictures. "Approved Site - June 2001 to Dietmar Gumprecht".

Teses - Researches
Studies and esplorations of ancient underground tunnels hidden under castles and churches. "Approved Site - June 2001 to Luigi Bavagnoli".

New Age Technology
New Age Technology is an italian web agency. The site interface is organic with the idea of web making. Made with Flash 5, gives the best control to visitors, in order to make the navigation experience as familiar as possible. "Approved Site - June 2001 to Oscar Antino".

De Wereldreiziger
A fast loading, easy to navigate and very good looking Flash site with lots of information for all those who have a passion for travelling. "Approved Site - June 2001 to Bart Kennes".

Team At Work
This Flash site is for self-promotion of the Design-Agency WM Team - innovative, surprising and fun. Business websites can have a sense of humour! "Approved Site - June 2001 to Rainer Michael".

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