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Approved Site Winners - 2002

Artist Interviews
Artist Interviews brings together different genres of art by interviewing painters such as Don Maitz, Boris Vallejo, Julie Bell, writers Nora Roberts, John Shirley, David Brin, musicians Timo Maas, Daniel Ash, actors Shayna Ryan, Max Von Essen. We have interviewed more than ninety artists since the site started in December 2001. "Approved Site - July 2002 to Mauricio Saravia.
A personal website displaying my original photography as well as news for family and friends around the world. The site also features a successful clipart library and news headline service. "Approved Site - July 2002 to Dan Horton-Szar.

AGDA Graphics
3D wallpapers, and designs. "Approved Site - July 2002 to Troy A. Wolfe.

Nikola Kitanovic
Nikola Kitanovic, poet, novelist and artist present his work, work of other artist and more. "Approved Site - July 2002 to Nikola Kitanovic.

Basic Arts
Black and white photography from beautiful places of the world. "Approved Site - July 2002 to Oliver Reinhardt.

Flavio Fusco
Personal page of a space engineer, containing photo galleries, information and papers about space robotics and genetic algorithms, with downloadable software. "Approved Site - July 2002 to Flavio Fusco.

My Pets Pages
Allows users to build a web site or build a memorial site for their pet. Contains a message board for general pet discussion and a tribute board to share the loss of a pet. "Approved Site - August 2002 to Kevin Roxburgh.

STI: Ersys
A comprehensive collection of demographic, lifestyle, and economic data covering over 1300 US cities portrayed as thematic maps, informative reports, detailed tables and colorful charts --- all freely available. "Approved Site - August 2002 to Robert Welch.

WAVAW - The Young Women's Project
The Young Women's Project of the WAVAW(Women Against Violence Against Women) Rape Crisis Centre website serves as an online resource for all young women to increase their awareness and knowledge of sexual assault. It contains information about date rape drugs, laws, medical information, myths, news & politics, resource links, safety tips, and statistics. "Approved Site - August 2002 to Christiana Wong.

El Dinero
The money, history, banks, central banks, international organizations, euro and the money in the Argentine Republic. "Approved Site - August 2002 to Alberto Paronetto.

A guide to the Isle of Arran, Scotland. "Approved Site - September 2002 to Euan Watterson.

Introduction to Social Policy
Social Policy is the study of social services and the welfare state. This is an educational site outlining the main issues. "Approved Site - September 2002 to Paul Spicker.

Banknotes of India
A one stop website for Banknotes of India with many photos and information. "Approved Site - September 2002 to Anurag Varshney.

Iran Carpet Co.
Persian handwoven carpet specifications (history, designs, materials, weaving process,etc.). "Approved Site - September 2002 to Mohsen Taherian.

Dandy Photos
Beautiful Scenic and Wildlife Photos from Northern California. "Approved Site - October 2002 to George Joel Ramos.

Dedicated to the beauty of computer generated graphics, patterns, fractals, textures, etc. "Approved Site - October 2002 to David Annal.

Quiet Storm Publishing
Quiet Storm Publishing is an aggressive small press publisher that strives to release the highest quality books on the market. "Approved Site - October 2002 to Clint Gaige.

The Online PPD Support Group
This site offers peer support via posting forums, chat rooms and an email listserve to women who are experiencing mood disorders in the postpartum (postnatal) period. Also featured are personal survival stories, comprehensive resources, and much more. "Approved Site - October 2002 to Tonya Rosenberg.
A portfolio of paintings, drawings, illustrations, and digital art by Caroline E. Jones. "Approved Site - October 2002 to Caroline E. Jones.

Gateway to the Cowichan
The Cowichan Valley's most innovative and informative website. "Approved Site - November 2002 to Jeff Johnstone.

AxOz Photography
Images of nature, rural and urban landscapes taken in New Zealand, Australia and Southern Africa. "Approved Site - November 2002 to Axel Mertens.

Mental Health Info Resources
A web site that enables the visitor to research mental health, and mental illness. Links are provided for mental illness, legal issues, disability issues, recovery and support. Also included are articles, book reviews, a discussion forum, and a tool to find a psychiatrist or therapist. "Approved Site - November 2002 to Cynthia L. Barrett.

Bürgerwache Rottenburg
A site about a sort of a club "Civil Guard" that had its origin in the middle ages. "Approved Site - November 2002 to Jochen Ulmer.

The Mauritius Experience
First class tour operator for the Mauritius area. Excellent animated intro with stunning graphics and database porting information to the user. "Approved Site - November 2002 to Bob Knight.

Other winners (sites no longer available):

m.grantzau // visual showcase // defoRm v.5.2 - February 2002 to Morten Grantzau.
A Place Worth Saving- April 2002 to Kathryn S.
Through my Eyes - May 2002 to Corrado Prever.
Asthma reality - May 2002 to Jacques R. Gesret.
::leetX:: - June 2002 to Chilla Davis.
Dal Tramonto all'Alba - July 2002 to Michele Morettini.
Twillight Zone - July 2002 to Ingrid van der Meulen.
Vers Libre - July 2002 to Blue.
lattitudeLOFTYVEG - July 2002 to Valerie Cochran.
An artist's cradle - July 2002 to Harold V. Khan. - Your Online Lifestyle Magazine - August 2002 to Joost van Gorsel.
101 Ways To Help - August 2002 to Troy Dunn.
Rhodesian Tapestry- August 2002 to Barbara Goss.
Success Literary Services- September 2002 to Max Roth.
g00ts - The Online Portfolio of Robert Gutterman - September 2002 to Bob Gutterman.
Cyrus Visions - September 2002 to Rick Gold.
The Preemie Place - October 2002 to Sarah Daniels-Campbell.
HotelReview - October 2002 to Gary McLean Quin.
Homesite of Sami Ruusunen- October 2002 to Sami Ruusunen.
University of Louisville Proteomics Laboratory - October 2002 to Visith Thongboonkerd, M.D.
Franklin and Marshall Research - October 2002 to Syed Mehmud.
English Techno-Nile - October 2002 to Ismail Fayed.
Webvida Global Village - November 2002 to Adam Docherty.
Depression Home Page- November 2002 to Susan Hawkins.
Cafalin Online Writing School - November 2002 to John Faulkner Carter.
Walking the Night- November 2002 to Kim & Chris Cole.
Aliprandi Bruno Web Design - November 2002 to Bruno Aliprandi.
Matt Torbin Designs- November 2002 to Matt Torbin.

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