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Approved Site Winners - 2001

Dinox PC
Dinox PC offre news e recensioni su hardware e software. Inoltre Forum di discussione, guide e FAQs sul mondo informatico. "Approved Site - July 2001 to Dino Fratelli".

Manchester 2002
A virtual encyclopaedia and tourist guide to the Metropolitan County and the City of Manchester and the Northwest region of England. "Approved Site - July 2001 to John Moss".

Henry Piorun Reptiles
A Canadian reptile breeder specializing in the care, husbandry and propagation of pythons, boas and select colubrids. You can find caresheets, descriptions and pictures of these kinds of snakes and links to other great sites. "Approved Site - July 2001 to Teresa Piorun".

Weltweite Hauptniederlassung der Zeitsauger Systeme
A very nice and original site offering some very funny games and other original content. In German. "Approved Site - July 2001 to Yorick Cody". features detailed information on thousands of animals kept as pets anywhere in the world including mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, and insects. "Approved Site - August 2001 to Roger Bull".

Laboratory for Applied Biotelemetry & Biotechnology
The Laboratory for Applied Biotelemetry & Biotechnology website focuses on the next generation of modern research technology to pursue questions related to science, conservation and management of marine living resources. "Approved Site - August 2001 to Markus Horning".

The Puzzling World of Barry R. Clarke
Original free brain teasers from British puzzles expert and Daily Telegraph (UK) compiler. "Approved Site - August 2001 to Barry R. Clarke".
EduPuppy's prescreened database links directly into exceptional sites for teachers and families. This comprehensive cornerstone for early childhood offers a free webpage creator, and weekly newsletter. "Approved Site - August 2001 to Kristen Hammond".

Life Interrupted
A personal site that highlights information, diagnosis, and treatments of the often missed disease, endometriosis. It is a bit of an online haven for those looking for information and support about the disease. "Approved Site - September 2001 to Michelle Petroff".

My McDowell Family...Older Than The Sun
The origins, history, and genealogy of the McDowell family of Scotland, Northern Ireland, and America. "Approved Site - September 2001 to Leo B. McDowell".

Denver Master Gardener, Gardening and Horticulture
Master gardeners provide research-based information on all gardening topics, a calendar of monthly tips, a glossary of gardening terms, a special section on gardening with children, community resources, ask a master gardener by email, links and more. "Approved Site - October 2001 to Judy Sedbrook.

El portal del aceite de oliva
Everything on olive oil, from historical information to delicious recipes. In Spanish. "Approved Site - October 2001 to Ricard Ester.

Alexander Schwarz, Cross Media, Augsburg
Portfolio, tips and tricks, literature, stuff. "Approved Site - December 2001 to Alexander Schwarz.

The Code Unravelled
The Code Unravelled¡K This website is filled with informative articles, images, flash movies, original games and interactive components on human genetics. Why do people die instead of live eternally? Can we predict our future by looking at our DNA? What is the cause of cancer? With over a hundred illustrations and animations, you will find that genetics isn¡¦t something boring or incomprehensible, monopolized by scientists. From very basic cell structure to the latest technology in Genetic Engineering, you can explore genetics like you've never done before! "Approved Site - December 2001 to Clement Pang.

Insite Fitness
Insite Fitness serves as an information based site for Fitness Instructors, Educators, and fitness enthusiasts. It has practical health tips, world wide gym search, lessons, Fitness Testing & a forum. It is used widely by human movement students. "Approved Site - December 2001 to Mark Drill.

Other winners (sites no longer available):

The Spas Directory - January 2001 to Jim Cooper. January 2001 to Dollie Chase.
CyberStory - January 2001 to Tom Hollister.
Internet Photography Awards - January 2001 to Ken Windsor.
Wellspring Retreat & Resource Center - February 2001 to J. Shane Mercer.
Spoon Frog graphics - March 2001 to Dawn Rogers.
Evolution and Philosophy - March 2001 to Kent Van Cleave.
Antichi mestieri - March 2001 to Roberto Gaffo.
Grafiksite - April 2001 to Doris Gulewycz.
Teen Lab - April 2001 to Alissa Karnaky.
The Knowledge Base - May 2001 to Keran McKenzie. - May 2001 to Conrad Schuler.
Norman Web Development Design & Promotion Co. - Approved Site - May 2001 to Alfred Norman.
Cartoonia - June 2001 to Alessandro Girtanner.
Dynamite Digital Designs - June 2001 to Terrance Emerson.
Hidden Pearls, Gems of the Internet - July 2001 to Lynn Pilewski.
Cave Spring Junior High School- June 2001 to Lazzelle Parker.
Orion Netlinks - July 2001 to Atul Thakur.
Voice Interactiv - July 2001 to Riad Hosein.
WaveFormula Wallpapers and Puzzles - August 2001 to Josh Carpenter.
DB Digital Art - September 2001 to David deBoer.
The Boris' Site - September 2001 to Boris Roesler.
Unitylabo - September 2001 to Chiharu.
Poetic Visions - September 2001 to Lynda Valkyrie.
Early Christian Writings - October 2001 to Peter Kirby.
Semarang on Photo - October 2001 to John Oltmans.
Designs By Dev - October 2001 to Cathy Devereaux.
Eyecatcher Award - October 2001 to Dwayne Miller.
Riki's Perch - October 2001 to Don Pressgrove.
PC Technology Guide - November 2001 to Dave Anderson.
StoryWriters - November 2001 to Mark Verschuur.
Free Online web promotion and design tutorials - November 2001 to Igor Krasnykh.
Indonesia Philatelic Web - November 2001 to Ramli Wong.
Biogevity hGH - December 2001 to Hans Schnauber.
Norwich School Geography Department- December 2001 to Tim Sparrow.
TeDea´s Whiter Shade of Pale - December 2001 to Nicole Ströher.

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