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Approved Site Winners - 2002

West Borough Primary School
This site's aim is to promote their school with the inclusion of as much children's work as possible. How their children use ICT in the curriculum. Control technology with children. Cyberhunts where pupils visit websites and then answer questions. Teacher resources eg interactive exercises and PowerPoint presentations. "Approved Site - January 2002 to Diane Hawkins.

Pediatric Neurology
This site covers selected,and reliable information for parents of children with neurological problems such as seizures, headaches, tics, learning disabilities, etc. "Approved Site - January 2002 to Martin L. Kutscher, MD.

Northstar Gallery
Fine Art Photography from around the world. "Approved Site - February 2002 to Dennis W. Felty.

Virtual Matchbox labels Museum
This site is dedicated to matchbox labels and matchcovers - the small artworks that most of us do not pay much attention to. But they reflect our history, our likes and dislikes and sometimes they are real artworks in themselves. "Approved Site - February 2002 to Stanislav Dmitriev.

The 6' Ferret Writers' Group
This site provides tips for establishing and maintaining a lasting writers' group, ideas for writing exercises and events, recommended reading for writers, and links to other writing-related resources. "Approved Site - February 2002 to Dawn M. Rosner.

Making flower sending online fast, simple and secure. Giving you the ultimate gift guide, a great collection, you're very own personal organiser and free e-mail cards. "Approved Site - February 2002 to Stefano Potesta.

Paolo Savigni
A very nice personal site, with original drawings and an illustrations. In Italian. "Approved Site - February 2002 to Paolo Savigni.

Courteous Canines, LLC
NY, USA dog trainer's website, promoting responsible dog ownership. Informational articles, news, ecards, links. "Approved Site - March 2002 to Kate Connick.

Doug's World
A personal site offering Doug's own inspirational poetry with applets and music complimenting each poem. Also offers an award program. "Approved Site - April 2002 to Doug Lang.

Colorwize FREE Career and Personality Test
Find out your favorite colors (of 12) and the top 40 careers (of 430) that correspond with your EXACT color signature. Based on research since 1989. "Approved Site - April 2002 to Luke Thomas Holmquist.

On the Wowgraphics homepage you find a variety of free and self created graphics, like backgrounds, buttons, banners, wallpaper and icons. Other features are animated names (also made on request) and the Wowgraphics Award Program. "Approved Site - April 2002 to Sigrid Harder.

Lady Liberty's Constitution Clearing House
With a focus on liberty and individual freedom as outlined in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, the site provides overviews and general history; links for educators, students, and activists; commentary by Lady Liberty as well as site visitors, book reviews, a goodie shoppe, and more. "Approved Site - April 2002 to Lesley Hunt.

The Spylab
Site featuring the photos and digital works of Guglielmo Spiniello. "Approved Site - May 2002 to Guglielmo Spiniello.

Women Fitness
A complete site on women health and fitness. "Approved Site - May 2002 to Namita Nayyar.

Gyuto House Australia - Gyuto Monks of Tibet
This site carries news, information and updates about the Gyuto Monks'annual tours of Australia, presented in the rich textures and colours of a Gyuto monastery. There is an extensive photo gallery, as well as audio selections, video clips and multimedia downloads. Visitors to the site can sign the guestbook, subscribe to a monthly newsletter and search the site for content they require. The site is officially supported by Gyuto Tantric University, India and His Holiness the Dalai Lama through Gyuto House Australia. "Approved Site - May 2002 to Sally McLean.

Krista's Korner
Personal webpage, look back at the 80s section, awards program, designs and more. "Approved Site - May 2002 to Krista Masters.

Leine's 10-42 Hideaway
Personal site devoted to Gary's 14 years as a police officer with pages showing the special assignments he was involved with. He also provides a brief tour of the history of policing in general. Other sections in site are devoted to smooth jazz music and the AS! Level 3.5 awards program. "Approved Site - May 2002 to Gary Leineweber.

Skys Vision
Skys Vision is a personal site of a woman offering insightful poetry, hotline numbers, music, sourceful links to every need, as well as a special section to help survivors of sexual abuse. "Approved Site - May 2002 to Sky.

Natalia Sanchez Friedrich Autorin
Portrait der Autorin und Präsentation ihres ersten (noch unveröffentlichten) Buches "Gefühllos" sowie weiterer Arbeiten. "Approved Site - June 2002 to Natalia Sanchez Friedrich.

Cuba Pratica
A comprehensive guide on Cuba, for tourist but not only. "Approved Site - June 2002 to Davide.

Latin American Photography 1840-1920. M & M Cuarterolo´s Collection
This site is devoted to one of the most important private collections of XIXth century Argentine and Latin American photography in the world. It contains photographs of the most valuable pieces in the collection and plenty of information on the history of photography in Argentina and Latin America. "Approved Site - June 2002 to Andrea Cuarterolo.

Original photos from across Canada, original poetry, recipes, image of the week, and more. "Approved Site - June 2002 to Karen Chappell.

The Pixel
Personal site of Maurizio Mangione (digital artist, web designer, web developer). "Approved Site - July 2002 to Maurizio Mangione.

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