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Approved Site Winners - 2003

World Wide Web Awards
The WWW Association, and more particularly its various Award Programs, were designed to formally recognize and acknowledge the hard work and dedication that each applicant has put into constructing their websites using their own brand of style, creativity and content. We are more then just an award site, but also a full service web design company. We also offer free websets, free graphpics, classifieds and over 500+ templates. Approved Site - July 2003 to Donna Snyder.
Nice personal site in German. Approved Site - July 2003 to Michael Becker aka MooN.

A site about dragons. Approved Site - July 2003 to Micaela Esposito.

Information about infertility diagnosis and treatment,Ultrasound,assisted reproductive techniques,pregnancy,sex selection,laparoscopy,hysteroscopy. pregnancy,health,medical links, medical search and videoclips. Approved Site - August 2003 to Dr Najeeb Layyous.

An extensive history of a WWII Destroyer Escort ship and her crewmembers. Also. a complete history of her Quartermaster. Family friendly site. Award program available onsite. Free graphic for U. S. Veterans, firefighters, and law enforcement officers. Approved Site - August 2003 to Diane C. Day.

My Favorite Colors
An attempt to creatively display and explain personal artwork for interested artists. Approved Site - August 2003 to Monica Noll.

EUTODA Site Awards is specifically for web sites that run their own Awards Program. This listing enhances reliability and prestige of your Award Programme, day after day. The goal behind this listing is, to reward an award program that exists for a period of time and becomes more and more experienced and to give your award program publicity. Approved Site - August 2003 to Raffaele Russo.

Meteorites Australia
Meteorites Australia is one of the most useful and comprehensive websites on the WWW regarding meteorites. There are many educational pages which are easy to navigate and cleanly designed. It is used by scientific institutions and the general web surfer alike. It offers the first and only on-line list of over 7000 meteorites along with the 'Found A Meteorite' page for those wishing to learn more about identifying them. It features a Monthly Favourite Meteorite which gives information about a specific meteorite every month. These are held in an easily accessed archive. Approved Site - August 2003 to Jeff Kuyken.

An Italian. My Streets.
Through my photos I try to communicate 'The Emotions' of the streets, ways, roads, alleys ... they all lead to other places, and they have the force to join the entire world together. My streets bring me the strongest sensations, emotions and special feelings. Approved Site - September 2003 to Raffaele Russo.

Myasthenia Gravis - The Resource
Information and resources dedicated to the chronic, incurable rare disease myasthenia gravis. Approved Site - September 2003 to Mary Lanphier.

Art Gallery and Graphic Arts - ImageLair
A unique graphic arts gallery exhibiting computer-art,freehand, Adobe Photoshop images, Bryce graphics, artist prints, and limited editions. Artistic business cards and Graphic Arts Design services. Free Screen Savers. Approved Site - September 2003 to Dan Williams.

Goyar 2003 Continental Divide Mountain Bike Ride
Raising awareness regarding animal welfare issues by providing related information and promoting a 2500 mile mountain bike ride down the continental divide by two Chicago area businessment for the same purpose. Approved Site - September 2003 to Yvonne Doll.

The Best Of Cape Town -
Information about Cape Town travel, tourism and others incl. events, attractions, activities for visitors and a comprehensive guide to restaurants, bars, accommodation, shopping, maps, virtual tours. Approved Site - September 2003 to Frank Riester.

DinoMite Days
Carnegie Museum of Natural History and the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania are proud to announce DinoMite Days -- a citywide art event that will turn back the clock to the Age of Dinosaurs. The Summer of 2003 saw dinosaurs appearing on street corners, green spaces, in community centers, downtown plazas -- everywhere across Pittsburgh! This public art event celebrates Pittsburgh's international reputation for scientific excellence while showcasing emerging and established artists. Approved Site - September 2003 to Catherine Klingler.

The Great Wall of Books
This site features book reviews organized by author, title and category. Each review includes a general summary of the plot or information (with a minimum of spoilers). They will also include a personal review, which discusses the webmaster's opinion of the plot, the characters, the themes, the level of instruction and/or the author, as appropriate. Approved Site - September 2003 to Kimmy Cole.

Hong Kong Flora and Vegetation
An education site to facilitate identification and learning about plants in Hong Kong. Approved Site - October 2003 to Paul But.

Tucka: Tudo sobre gatos!
A well informed site about cats. Approved Site - October 2003 to Felipe Diego.

A site with extensive information about Egypt. The highlights of this site include the virtual tours of important locations around Cairo and the 3D animated illustrations of Giza and Saqqara. Approved Site - October 2003 to Claudine Cassar.

Korean Orchid
Information and photos about the Korean Orchid and Wildflowers. Approved Site - October 2003 to Jin Seok, Kim.

Discover the art of decorative painting
Fine faux finishes, custom murals, Italian plasters, gilding, trompe l'oeil, online portfolio. Approved Site - October 2003 to Patricia Buzo.

Die Mineralien der Schweizer Alpen bestechen durch ihre Formenvielfalt, Farben und unvergleichliche Schnheit. Nebst einem Online-Reinigungsbuch sind viele sch ne Mineralienbilder zu betrachten. Ein interessanter Tourenbericht aus den Bergen und ein international anerkanntes Awardprogramm machen diese Website zu einem Erlebnis. Approved Site - October 2003 to Thomas Rohner alias Kristall Tom.

Pura's Pets Pourri
Pura Pets Pourri offers everything for pet lovers around the globe! Whether you're looking for information about the variety of cat breeds or cat articles or just in need of a fun hour or exploring our pet directory, Pura Pets Pourri is the purr-fect pastime! Approved Site - November 2003 to Vishal Shah.

DCR Images - Wildlife Photography and Adventure Travel
Travelogues of my wildlife photography trips with photos from each trip and links to the outfitters I traveled with. Approved Site - November 2003 to Diane Ross.

RDWonline v5.00: The OmniFireball
RDWonline v5.00: The OmniFireball contains the personal and professional online work of webmaster Ronald D. Willis. Within this domain sers can locate information about the webmaster, including his curriculum vitae, research papers, digital portfolio, and favorite pastimes. Approved Site - November 2003 to Ronald D. Willis.

Ayuntamiento de Mijas
Official Web Site of the Mijas Town Hall. A beatiful village at the Western Costa del Sol in Malaga (Spain). Approved Site - December 2003 to Ayuntamiento de Mijas.

Other winners (sites no longer available):

Celaine- January 2003 to C. E. Laine.
Silver Reflection- January 2003 to Ai-chi Lu.
Premio Napoli Award - January 2003 to Raffaele Russo.
Ch0wn Awards - January 2003 to Dana Davis.
Fotopassione - January 2003 to Claudio.
Octet Image Bank - January 2003 to Johan Lindberg.
Z3 Design Pencil Scratches - February 2003 to Eric Zabinsky.
JMD - JohnMagasDesign - February 2003 to John Magas.
emmev - March 2003 to Matteo Vellone.
The Chevron Cars Learn Section - April 2003 to Amanda Hartrey.
Historic Greenfield- April 2003 to Daniel Lynn Petty.
Taylor Shellfish Farms - May 2003 to Hal Scogin.
Annimac Consultants - June 2003 to Steve Doig.
Personal Preference Inc. - June 2003 to Chris Grzincic.
MonArt - June 2003 to Javier Martinez.
Micioweb - July 2003 to Cristina.
Multiflyer - August 2003 to Dan Perkins.
The Pascal Programming Page - September 2003 to Victor John Saliba.
ADILOVIC WEB- October 2003 to Zlatko Adilovic.
DMC KREACION - November 2003 to Due M Chan.

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