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Approved Site Winners - 2005

Long Beach Peninsula Visitors Bureau
The Long Beach Peninsula Visitors Bureau web site is the premier information source for visitors to the Long Beach Washington Peninsula. Offering web cams, slide shows, lodging, real estate, relocation activity, event and attraction information, is THE place for visitors and locals alike to find out "what's up". Approved Site - January 2005 to Kel Schwartz.

The Naturewalker's Journal
This site is about the exploration of our natural world through photography and text. Its purpose is to teach awareness and appreciation of the beauty and mystery of nature. Approved Site - January 2005 to Michael Jones.

The Animal Spirit
The Animal Spirit is a support center and resource guide for those interested in animal advocacy. Approved Site - January 2005 to Shell Sullivan.
The online gallery of Roelof van der Schaaf. Approved Site - January 2005 to Roelof van der Schaaf.

Welcome to Athens - Athens & Olympic Games Guide
A virtual touristic & photographic guide about modern & ancient Athens, Akropolis,Olympic Games,Greek history,culture & mythology. Approved Site - January 2005 to Dorian Stoica.

Sam's Exotic & Picturesque Travels
Photo journeys to far-away places with strange sounding names, including hiking in the Anapurnas, safaris in Kenya, boating in Nepal and Myanmar plus sightseeing in exotic countries on four continents. Approved Site - January 2005 to Sam Stearman.

Caronia II Timeline
Charting the glittering career of Cunard's world famous 'Green Goddess' - the RMS Caronia. Approved Site - January 2005 to Peter Stevens.

Weddington Castle - An Online History
A website charting the history of the lost Weddington Castle of Warwickshire, from the Norman invasion through to its tragic demolition in the 1920s. This site contains a wealth of old photographs, key person information and documents relating to the Castle. It also relates to the modern day Weddington by comparing the housing boom which led to the Castle's demolition to the current housing development proposals that are threatening Weddington's green belt in the 21st century. Approved Site - January 2005 to John Brookes.

Nightbeacons - Lighthouses at night
Original nighttime color photos of US Lighthouses. Approved Site - January 2005 to Charles Jackson.

Asterius Press: a new literature for the new millennium
The homepage of small, independent publisher, Asterius Press. This site contains submission information, author interviews,columns, ezines, rss feeds, online catalogue, etc. Approved Site - January 2005 to John C. Erianne.

Fort Thomas School District
This is a school district website that is updated weekly. Approved Site - March 2005 to Bonnie Leedy.

Harmonious Environment
A description of the services provided by this interior designer that will energize, detoxify and beautify their lives, home and planet. Links to resources, basic information on energy work and related topics and a plea to help protect the planet are also included. Approved Site - March 2005 to Norma Lehmeier Hartie.

This site takes its visitors on a journey through the owner's version of a normal, everyday life. Approved Site - June 2005 to Brian Smith.

Fake Junk Food
A site featuring photographs and ideas against the junk food industry. Approved Site - June 2005 to Emerson Taymor.
"Elkhart, Indiana is the worst city, county, and place in the United States. As the administration of, we strive to shed light on the truth about Elkhart in the most entertaining way possible". Approved Site - June 2005 to Caleb Gove.

Free resource and support community for anyone following or interested in any type of low-carb lifestyle. Approved Site - June 2005 to Tiffany Anthony.

Camera Friendly Objects
It's a Nest and Net exhibiting Sivakumar's photography skills. Approved Site - June 2005 to Sivakumar Balasubramanian.

SA*GA Photography
Landschafts- und Naturfotografie in Schwarzweiss und Farbe aus aller Welt sowie Portfolios zu Spezialthemene. Approved Site - June 2005 to Sandra Schaenzer.

Dreamweaver Visions Designs
This is a small web and graphic design firm offering a full range of web design services. She also offers free high quality, unique templates for personal use, as well as inexpensive shareware and exclusive design creations. Approved Site - June 2005 to Melissa Krauss.

Rhianna's Rampage
Starting as a place to display my art work, Rhianna's Rampage quickly evolved into a site that allows me to spread my conservation message by sharing stories of the Australian Wildlife I rescue and rehabilitate or raise for release. Approved Site - June 2005 to Rhianna Blackthorn.

Indian City Tours
Tours India - A land that conjures images that stretch beyond the realms of fantasy. A vast canvass in vivid and myriad shades of passionate hues, India is a living museum waiting to be explored, felt and cherished. Uncover the magic of this great land with us. We are backed by a team having an experience spanning more then 30 man-years in the travel & tourism industry. Our expertise in packing the best deal for customer satisfaction is our plus point. Approved Site - October 2005 to Sukhpreet Singh Alang.

Nadina's Portfolio
Online portfolio showing the work of Canadian artist Nadina Gafoor Approved Site - October 2005 to Nadina Gafoor.

Michele Howard Web Design
Offers web design services. Host to The Adagio Awards for web site design. Offers web design tips and information on the ballet, as well as a plethora of information about Cape Cod, Massachusetts, the home of the webmistress/designer. Approved Site - October 2005 to Sheli Howard.

Free Canada Radio
Free Canada Radio is a live internet broadcast station featuring independent Canadian music, currnet affairs commentary, and illuminating articles. We are a non-profit organisation that is committed to the fostering and promotion of Canadian music and free thinking. Approved Site - October 2005 to Peter Belkosky. n'est pas une encyclopédie comme les autres. En effet, c'est vous, les membres, qui l'enrichissez de la sagesse de tout et de rien. Grâce à vos articles, Omnihilus devient vite une importante source d'information sur des sujets aussi variés qu'intéressants. N'hésitez pas à vous inscrire et à venir partager avec nous un peu de savoir. Approved Site - October 2005 to Guillaume Racine.

Historical Romance Club
HRC is dedicated to promoting historical romance and authors. Read reviews on the latest romances, interviews with your favorite authors like: Nicole Jordan, Gaelen Foley, Teresa Medeiros, Eloisa James, Cheryl Holt, Julia Ross, Victoria Alexander and many others. Enter contests, join our Reader Forum and more. Approved Site - October 2005 to Ingela Hyatt.

Franzi´s Reptilien
Everything over attitude and breed of collared lizards, Jemenchamaeleons and dart frogs! Approved Site - October 2005 to Franz Boigner.

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